At I’m Just a Kid!  we know that children do everything for a reason, mainly because they are just figuring out the world! It is our job as parents and teachers to know and understand them so we know how to guide and teach them.

We are a private SCHOOL, which means we:

  • Teach your children, which is why ALL of our teachers continue their professional development, 50+ hours a year

  • Utilize developmentally appropriate practices

  • Follow a schedule, to help children establish consistent, predictable patterns

  • Parents are active participants at ANY level they can participate

  • Operate on a calendar year to support you and your family, honor the time our staff needs to support their families and gives everyone the opportunity to be with family. 

Our School

The difference between a Child Care Facility & an Early Childhood Education Center

Our Staff

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Our Rooms

Discover our classrooms and how we assign children to them

Useful Info

Detail information about our policies and procedures. 

Our program is a Model Early Childhood Education (ECE) Center for children birth to twelve years old where we provide exemplary care and education to them while training our providers about best practices.


To provide care beyond minimum standards; where the foundation is love, safety, and a healthy environment; nurturing and guidance are provided while implementing early childhood BEST PRACTICES. Children, families and professionals are in a setting where they can see, experience and live excellence.


A world where children receive the nutrition, guidance, and love they need to develop; and providers can learn these practices, unrestricted by the general economy of society.