BEST PRACTICES and Early Intervention:

“A great beginning…”


Our curriculum is built upon the work of renown early childhood experts such as Barry Brazelton. Bruce Perry, Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Erik Erikson and Maria Victoria Aguirre Cox (yes, Ms. Vicki).  For years we have known that intellect is developed when concepts are meaningful; our theme to topic to subject curriculum pervasive in every classroom (YES, EVEN OUR INFANTS), exemplifies this idea. Our children play and learn in meaningful environments, below is a sample of one of the twelve themes we use every day, all year long.  You as the parents are your child’s first and lifetime teachers this is practiced when you participate in the monthly project with us and your child:





A World of Animals



Pets · Farm (Rodeo) · Zoo · Ocean (SeaWorld) · Jungle



(Example for week 1:  Pets)

Mon: dog · Tue: cat · Wed: bird · Thu: hamster · Fri: fish



Sign out and participate in the pony rides and petting zoo WITH your child

Imagine, your child spends an entire month 20-25 days hearing, feeling, playing, talking about and drawing animals (this is true of all 12 themes in our curriculum) then, YOU come and participate with them to later go home and discuss with them what they have learned in school. This is how children and people, learn; this is meaningful learning, of our curriculum!

For families who join us when their children are infants their children have an opportunity to experience these themes for five years, as an infant, toddler, two-year-old, three-year-old and four-year-old; they will have absolute mastery of all these concepts before they enter kindergarten and a well-developed vocabulary, the foundation of literacy.

Our communication folder is our daily link from school to home please be sure you take it home and return it daily.  The contents will vary depending on the class your child is in, i.e., Infantville will include the daily report.  If you lose it, please replace it.

Premiere Services Offered as Part of Our Program


  • Researched Based Curriculum with a pre and post assessment

  • Educational consultation

  • Psychotherapy consultation

  • Nurse consultation

  • Sports consultation