Communication:  For our kids!

  • Parent Handbook and Parent Notes.

We are trying to be environmentally friendly, please help us save trees!  We are sending Parent Handbooks, Parent Notes, etc., via email. For anyone who may not have a computer, we will have copies at the office of everything we email.


  • Parent Bulletin Board in EVERY Classroom and Door Reminders Board.

Please check both bulletin boards regularly for relevant information.


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences.

These will be held twice a year, once in the Fall and once in Spring, dates can be found on the school calendar.  Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time just call or email to set one up.


  • Child Situational Needs.

Please inform us of any situation with your child and family that may impact your child such as a projected move, birth, death, separation, etc. Having this information will enable our staff to help the child deal with his/her feelings.


  • Student Directory.

A directory of phone numbers and addresses for all students and teachers will be compiled to aid in communication.


  • Parent Meetings and Workshops.

Parents are invited to attend our monthly child development classes on Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm, calendar is posted on the staff bulletin board.  Please RSVP 3 days in advance.

Parent meetings and workshops will be scheduled throughout the year which will deal with child-rearing and other subjects relevant to your child’s development. Most workshops will be held in the evening. childcare will usually be available by reservation.


  • Parents as Volunteers and Resources.

We have found that parents who are actively involved at school gain insight into their child, childhood education, and our program. We hope you will consider ways that you can contribute. We need room parents, as well as occasional visits from parents who have a special talent or ability to share. We can also use handy-parents for the repair or construction of classroom materials. Just let us know how you would like to be involved. Room Parents assist in communicating information to parents within the class, help with special activities and school events, and any other services requested by the classroom teacher. If you would like to volunteer, please leave your name with your child’s teacher.


  • Questions and Concerns.

If, at any time, a parent would like to review and discuss either the policies or procedures contact the Director to arrange an appointment.