Classroom Placement


We continually seek to meet our children’s needs.  EVERY child and person is.  Our schools place many demands on our children, at I’m Just a Kid! we want to help you build your child’s love of learning for a lifetime of success.  Therefore, our classes are designed to implement best practices, meaning that we understand:

  • infant brain research, how a child learns

  • developmentally appropriate practices

  • the importance of play and to be “at play” with the children

  • scientifically based reading research, we prepare children for literacy through play

  • place children in classes based on their individual development rather than age


We follow a Montessori approach, mixing age groups before 8am and after 5pm, and sometimes throughout the day if we have an activity that we believe is appropriate for all the children.

The following classroom structure has been designed and the approximate age:


Infants birth to 11 months, here we focus on nurturing your baby in a clean, safe and healthy environment.  Your baby will lead the way based on his or her needs. Babies need lots of soft books and toys to manipulate and explore.


“Twos” and young “threes”, these are great years and by age two, children have developed their own sense of identity and will tell you so.  We will help them understand the choices they have and guide them to make appropriate ones. During these stages, children are preparing for the expectations of primary school.


Includes “mobile infants” (12-17 months), “toddlers” (18-23 months) and young “twos”. Our providers will work with your toddler to build their initiative so they may develop their own personality and character. This is when children can master self-help skills:  potty training, eating independently, putting toys where they belong, using language to communicate, etc., mobile infants may nap at Infantville; this is a time when napping habits are just being formed.


Older “threes” and “fours”, our BIG kids, we want to prepare them for school through play. Our goal for all children is to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet upper and lower case (alphabetic knowledge), have a well-developed vocabulary (language development), distinguish sounds (phonological awareness) and utilize print in their environment.  These are the predictors for reading success.


Five and up, we design our afterschool program to support the children in being successful, we assist them with their homework, give them time to play, nourish them and provide them opportunities to be leaders with younger children.