Difference between a Child Care Facility and an Early Childhood Education Center

Child Care Facility

A daycare/child care center provides the minimum that is required and regulated by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, Child Care Licensing – TDPRS, CCL which includes:


  • A safe environment

  • A healthy environment

  • Providers with a high school diploma or GED

  • Providers receive 15 hours of training a year and directors 24

  • Maximum ratios per class 

Early Childhood Education Center

I’m Just a Kid! FAR EXCEEDS minimum standards, we implement BEST PRACTICES.

A best practice (BP) in any industry is when an organization performs their daily activities to the highest ability possible. In the early childhood industry, that means going BEYOND minimum standards. I’m Just a Kid! ensures best practices by:

  • Providing the basics a safe, healthy and nurturing environment

  • Being credentialed by the Texas Education Agency, (TEA, the state body that regulates public schools), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC, the largest advocacy group for children), Council for Exceptional Children, and recognized as Master Trainers under the Texas Early Care and Education Career Development System (TECECDS)

  • Continual training of our staff, each one receives over 50 training hours a year

  • Seeking the best in the field, many of our staff have a bachelor’s degree

  • Following a leader who has the highest degree possible and experience in early childhood education

  • Creating a curriculum inclusive of three languages, Spanish, English and Sign Language

  • Maintaining low child to teacher ratios allowing more attention for OUR children, our ratios are 1-3 children BELOW the minimum