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Babies Can Learn!

Babies are born with an incredible capacity to learn and explore the world around them. From the second they enter the world, information and experiences begin shaping their development. In this blog, we’ll explain ways babies absorb knowledge and develop essential literacy skills, so we can lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. 

The Amazing Newborn

From their very first moments, newborns exhibit signs of learning by reacting to sounds, voices, and even familiar faces. Their incredible ability to mimic facial expressions, a crucial aspect of social and emotional development, becomes evident early on. Additionally, the sensory experiences they encounter in those early days play a role in nurturing brain development and fostering cognitive growth. 

The Power of Play

Play functions as a baby’s fundamental means of learning, providing them with a gateway to discover and interact with their environment. Sensory play, in particular, plays a significant role in stimulating a baby’s senses and nurturing cognitive development, laying the foundation for future learning. Interactive games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake not only enhance motor skills but also promote social bonding and facilitate early language development, making playtime an essential component of infant development.

Communication and Language Acquisition

Infants display early signs of communication skills through cooing and babbling and recognizing familiar voices. Talking and reading to infants play a helpful role in fostering their language, vocabulary, and comprehension from an early age. Creating a language-rich environment that includes conversations, storytelling, and exposure to words and sounds helps promote early literacy skills in babies.

Motor Milestones

Infants undergo a gradual progression of motor skills, from reflexes to rolling, sitting, crawling, and ultimately taking those first steps. Tummy time plays a significant role in this process by helping babies build the strength and motor coordination to reach these milestones. Additionally, honing fine motor skills such as grasping and reaching during early infancy lays the basis for more intricate tasks as they continue to grow and explore their world.

Emotional Intelligence

As infants grow, they become increasingly aware of their own emotions and those of others. Responsive caregiving and the nurturing bond between infants and caregivers help build babies’ emotional intelligence. Implementing strategies that encourage emotional expression, such as validating their feelings and modeling healthy emotional responses, contributes to emotional awareness and empathy in early childhood.

Babies are extraordinary learners from the moment they are born. Their journey of learning and development is a testament to the incredible potential inherent in every child. By understanding the various factors of infant learning and actively engaging with babies through play, communication, and love, parents and caregivers can play a significant role in nurturing their children’s early development and setting them on a path to a lifetime of learning and growth.

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We visited I’m Just a Kid after visiting 6 other early childhood centers and crying at the thought of leaving our first born after our leave was over! To say we breathed a sigh of relief at finding, I’m Just a Kid is an understatement! We have been a part of the family for 6 years, with our first now in kindergarten and our second child still at I’m Just a Kid. We felt so prepared for kinder and the transition was a breeze thanks to I’m Just a Kid. No matter if your child is succeeding or needing some extra love and attention, the I’m Just a Kid family is there to help your family along the way. I’m Just a Kid really is more than “just” a daycare!
Tara Karns-Wright
I’m just a kid not only taught my daughter, they cared for her like a family member. As an educator, I was seeking a daycare that could meet my needs. We found more than a daycare. We found a place that cared deeply for the social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs of our daughter. Now that she is in fourth grade, we still talk about I’m just a kid and the amazing staff that cared so deeply for her. Thank you I’m just a kid for laying the foundation and helping create a better world through education.
Bradley Tarrance
I’m Just a Kid is a wonderful place for my child, for any child, to learn, to play, and to grow. Mrs. Vicki and her wonderful team of teachers truly create an environment that is safe and loving. My son was having a difficult time at his previous school. We reached out to Mrs. Vicki and through her guidance and support he’s happy again! His teachers are passionate about seeing him succeed and they bring out the best in him. Our family is so grateful for our I’m Just a Kid Family.
Laura Riebesehl
We had our two children at I’m Just a Kid for multiple years ranging from six months to four years old and we were so happy to have them there. They learned, played, and grew every day. The school always had the kids’ best interest at heart, and we always felt they were being well cared for while also learning and growing every day. We are so happy with how well I’m Just a Kid prepared our children for kindergarten.
Kirk M. Tracy

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