Developmental Milestones

Year 1
Infants (0-11 months)
- Focus: Nurturing in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
- Approach: Infant-led, providing soft books and toys for exploration.

Gross Motor: Crawls
Fine Motor: Grasps objects
Cognitive: Gazes at teacher talking
Language: Coos, babble
Socio-emotional: Smiles
Self-Help: Holds own bottle
Year 1
Year 2
Toddlers (12-23 months)
"Mobile infants" and young toddlers

- Focus: Building initiative and self-help skills.
- Approach: Potty training, eating independently, language development, and fostering personality.

Gross Motor: Walks, runs
Fine Motor: Pincer grasp picks up small objects w/fingers
Cognitive: Follows 2 part directions
Language: Speaks 50 words, 2-3 part sentences
Socio-emotional: Plays w/others
Self-Help: Potty trained at TWO
Year 2
Year 3
PreK "A" (2-3 years)
- Focus: Preparing for primary school expectations.
- Approach: Guiding children in making appropriate choices and understanding their options.

Gross Motor: Balances, alternate feet and hands
Fine Motor: Pincer grasp with writing instruments
Cognitive: Attends circle time for 15-20 minutes
Language: Speaks complete sentences
Socio-emotional: Plays cooperative games, yoga, soccer, etc
Self-Help: Independently washes hands, eats and toilets
Year 3
Year 4
PreK "B" (3-4 years)
- Focus: Building literacy skills.
- Approach: Recognizing all 26 letters (upper and lower case), developing vocabulary, distinguishing sounds, and engaging with print in the environment.

Gross Motor:Purposeful GM movements - balance beams, swings, kickball
Fine Motor: Writes name
Cognitive: Explains theme to topic to subject
Language: Has several levels of phonological awareness- beginning sounds (alliteration); rhyming and syllables
Socio-emotional: Begins to understand feelings of others, “empathy”
Self-Help: Dresses self and attempts to help others
Year 4
Year 5
Scholarville (5 years and up)
- Focus: Afterschool support, leadership, and homework assistance.
- Approach: Nourishing, playtime, and providing opportunities to be leaders with younger children.

Gross Motor: Cooperative outdoor play
Fine Motor: Creative spelling
Cognitive: Expands theme, topic, subjects
Language: Letter knowledge, all 26 letters of the alphabet -upper & lower case, phonological awareness, beginning reading
Socio-emotional: Takes turns, shares, cooperates
Self-Help: Organizes cubby, backpack, and belongings
Year 5

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Throughout these years, our classes will continue to implement best practices, considering individual development rather than age. Our Montessori approach, mixing age groups, will promote a love of learning and support the unique needs of every child.

A Research-Based Curriculum

Our lesson plans are thoughtfully structured into three circles to support your child’s development from infancy through year 5. These circles mature in length and complexity as your child grows within I’m Just A Kid. Guided by our dedicated teachers who aim to engage your child and encourage awareness, the ultimate goal of circle time is to foster confident, young readers.

Additionally, we follow a School Year Calendar with structured monthly themes that begin familiarizing every child with the world around them. For example, during our “Community Helpers” theme, infants may be introduced to community helpers through images. While, older children may engage directly with real community helpers. This approach ensures that every child benefits from these educational themes, promoting comprehensive growth and development.