Tuition-Based Childcare For Your Kid!

At I’m Just a Kid, we offer exceptional childcare at a fair price. We pride ourselves on going beyond simply taking care of your child by providing unique, enriching experiences to help them grow and develop in a multitude of ways. 

I’m Just A Kid
Private Schools
Public Schools*
Social Development
Positive Behavior Support
Highly Skilled Staff
Low Student to Teacher Ratios
Research Based Curriculum
Learning Based Play
Potty Training by 2
English, Spanish, & Baby Signs
Curriculum Created by an Expert in Early Childhood Education
*While public schools may not offer the same services as I’m Just a Kid, these schools may have additional resources for ECI and government assistance.

Under our care, your kid will grow up learning many skills by the time they attend Pre-K!

The first year of life is the most critical period for children. Give them the best in education, care, and love at I’m Just a Kid.