We are a SCHOOL for young children, “a place where kids PLAY to learn” we understand and believe that the BEST way for children to learn is to play.  We do all activities through play.

We've been put in a very difficult situation by our landlord, and we need your help before Nov. 1st!  



We strive to meet your needs and we welcome you at our school ANYTIME!

Care for children birth to twelve


After school enrichment and learning

Developmental Continuum: sensorimotor classes,

swimming lessons, speechercise, language,

Spanish classes, martial arts,

1-on-1 tutoring,

the arts: music, dance and much more!

Preschool Literacy: Preparing for Kindergarten

Full day holiday camp program

We serve children of all ethnicities, creed, religions, and abilities


Our SCHOOL is here for you and your child.  We are striving to implement BEST PRACTICES in Early Childhood Education, that means that we look globally at what researchers and leaders in our country are doing that is considered to be BEST in our field.  We work towards using these practices. 

We also listen to the input of our families as we work together in raising our children. Historically “child care” centers were created as a place where children could be cared for in a safe and healthy learning environment. Today, we know so much more about children, the infant brain research clearly indicates that the first nine years are the foundation of life.  Ms. Vicki has spent her life advocating for people and promoting the importance of the early childhood years. At I’m Just a Kid! you will be part of a movement to improve the lives of all children and families.